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California is calling, and man does it feel sweet. Cruising down the freeway, with the top down on your convertible, and the wind in your hair, the lingering smell of pine floats in the air. This feeling is a state of mind and that is exactly what California Republic, the latest concept by The Dandy Collection, is all about. An experience that transcends beyond just food and drinks, California Republic is a trip and we’re down to tell you about it. 

Enter a time capsule of California living in the summer of 1960, a time of woodie surf wagons and sunken living rooms. From the easy-going style to the sputnik lamps, we’re pure mid-century modern. A type of cool where pop culture and counterculture collide. Here the rules be damned. Entering the venue feels like stepping into a revolutionary moment in time, when a new generation of style was rising up. 

In here, we’re So-Cal Italian.  There’s something special that happens through immigration. The ideals of two distinct, beautiful cultures collide and give way to a cuisine that is characterized by a reverence to fresh, simple preparation. We translate this not only in design but also in the way the food and drinks are served up. We are not reinventing the wheel here. We are bringing you something everyone is familiar with, yet with an eclectic edge, something the Dandy Group is well known for delivering through its concepts. 

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